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Ignore Inflation & the Devastating Effects at your Peril

In recent years, it has been easy for people to believe that Inflation is not the threat it was to previous generations. If anything, inflation could be about to return just when we least expect it, especially further compounded by near Zero interest rates. 

More than ever, people are starting to realise that inflation is becoming a threat to anyone that is looking to be able to afford a comfortable standard of living both now and in the future.

British businesses are experiencing thousands of pounds in extra costs as a global shortage of shipping containers continues to cause chaos with the average cost of a 40-foot container from Asia to Europe has increased from $1,752 last February to in excess of $8,000 at the end of last week. As a result, consumers face the prospect of higher prices for months to come.

The graph below illustrates a rate of inflation of 2.5% each year. That means that the purchasing power of £10,000 today could be worth just £5,394 in 25 years. The actual rate of inflation could be higher or lower.


So how can you protect & grow your wealth to reduce / eliminate the threat of inflation:

  • Review how inflation is impacting your lifestyle
  • Understand how inflation works against you and your wealth planning
  • Review & plan on how to stay ahead of inflation
  • The damaging effect that holding too much cash is costing you

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