HMRC Approved: Make Loans to your Company & Act as your Own Bank

HMRC Approved - Loan your company money without the bank

There is an HMRC approved form of Pension Scheme called a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) which we have successfully arranged for many of our clients and that have proved invaluable.

If your customer is looking for business loans in the current crisis , the ‘SSAS’ can offer:

  • No bank involvement whatsoever, no personal guarantees, bank underwriting, or time consuming bank reviews.
  • Very low interest rates from 1.1%, and the interest is paid back to your pension fund.
  • You can loan up to 50% of yours and your business partners current and historic pension fund values from any current or previous employment.
  • Maximum loan term of 5 years.
  • Security is required but can be a floating charge over the company assets, stock, machinery, vehicles, residential or commercial property, or potentially any other unencumbered asset that can be valued.

We have over 25 years experience in arranging these loan backs for many business clients.

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