Chris Brennan
DipPFS CertCII (MP) | Director | North West Branch

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I have enjoyed a successful and diversified career spanning over 28 years in the Financial Services industry gaining invaluable experience during my employment with a National Stockbroker, Investment House, Corporate Pensions Specialist and Private Bank.


Over 15 years ago I set up Blackstone Financial Management Ltd to enable me to focus on High Net Worth clients mainly based in London, Manchester and Cheshire.

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke, holistic approach ensuring all clients achieve their financial objectives and independence in the timescales they require.


Investments and Savings

Get help generating a better return on your savings, with a full range of investment options which could include equities, funds, bonds and alternative investments.



Get help on making a plan for a comfortable retirement; whether it’s starting a pension or understanding how much you should be contributing to one.


Retirement income (annuities, drawdown)

Get help understanding and evaluating annuities vs. drawdown, or discussing the other available retirement income options for you.


Pension Transfers – Non Specialist

Get advice on transferring pensions where you do not need a specialist, for example a standard personal pension or one through your employer that is made up ONLY of regular contributions from you and your employer (this should not be a defined benefit pension)


Inheritance Planning

Get help with planning your inheritance and understanding the tax implications of an inheritance you leave, or accessing an inheritance you have received.


Insurance and Protection

Get help to understand the best level of life cover, critical illness cover and income protection for you.


I have over 30 years providing Independent Investment, Tax and Pensions advice to wide variety of clients and am Certified by both the Chartered Insurance institute and the financial Planning society and have been accredited with DipPFS and Cert CII(MP).


Fees will vary from client to client, based on each client’s individual needs. For an accurate estimate of any fees involved, please contact us to explain your circumstances and what you are looking for advice on.

To give you some general guidance, for Investment and Pension advice, advisers usually charge a percentage of any amount you invest or transfer through them. This amount would typically vary between 1% and 3% of the amount invested, depending on the amount.

Should you wish to receive regular advice from the adviser, there may be an additional annual charge, usually between 0.5% and 1% p.a. Some advisers will instead offer to work for either an hourly fee or a fixed fee, or some combination of the above. Any charges would be agreed with you upfront and only applied with your explicit consent. The payments would typically be deducted from your investment or pension pot.

Since 2012, it has been prohibited for advisers to receive commissions from any investment or pension companies when recommending their products or funds – they are paid only by you, the client.


What were the circumstances that caused you to initially look for a financial adviser?

Our Furniture Company Stocktons was doing incredibly well and my parents suggested I talk to their Financial adviser as I had just got married had a child and one on the way

How has Chris Brennan helped you?

He put all my affairs in order.He made very helpful financial suggestions.Wasn’t pushy at all just laid out all the ideas out and gently suggested what would work best in my circumstances

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

Yes totally in fact I wont make a financial decision without consulting him first.Also recommended him to all my family and friends who are of the same opinion. He is a fabulous financial adviser. I call him Guru

What could they have done better?

Nothing really he always replies to my Financial questions extremely fast even when he is on holiday

What were the circumstances that caused you to initially look for a financial adviser?

I retired and it was fairly obvious that my pension and my partner’s pension were in need of some professional advice. Our accountant had recommended Chris to us at this stage.

How has Chris Brennan helped you?

He advised with no pressure what we should do with our pensions and investments giving many alternatives that he felt were suitable. In my case he identified a serious case of malpractice and resolved the issue to a most satisfactory conclusion. The work was difficult and I felt it was carried out at a very high professional level.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

Very much so – the pensions and investments are working well for us and are kept under constant review with at least annual adjustments if necessary.

What could they have done better?

Nothing could have been done better in my mind – I am 100% happy. I have now recommended many others including family and friends to speak with Chris.

What were the circumstances that caused you to initially look for a financial adviser?

Investing my divorce settlement, pension and savings

How has Chris Brennan helped you?

Provided sensible advice at a time when I was perhaps not functioning properly and may have made some rather rash decisions without his guidance.

Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?

Yes considering the turmoil in the markets. I asked for low risk investment.

What could they have done better?

Nothing. He is always available on the phone to chat and it is extremely easy to make an appointment to come in to the office and talk face to face if necessary.

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I am based in the North West branch of Blackstone Financial Management.


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