Even the banks boss banks on Blackstone!


We know we’re doing things right when our clients include the high-flyers from the world of London Finance.
Paul is the Managing Director of one of London’s largest financial institutions. Immersed in a high-pressured world, Paul had been through two divorces, 30 years of long hours and stress-packed days.
Having been a client of ours for a number of years, and at the age of 49, Paul
told us that his ambition was to retire completely from the world of work at 55 years old; and to live the rest of his life to the full in complete financial independence and security.
With that in mind, we went to work.


Paul had investment and pension assets of £4 Million and wanted this to climb to £5.5 Million in the six years before retirement.
He also required an income of £12,000 per month after tax that stayed ahead of inflation and the cost of living. All this needed to be achieved through a portfolio of medium risk and exposure.
Paul set these targets to specifically allow him to buy both of his sons their own flats in London; and to continue his love of travel to exotic locations and pursue his hobby of sports fishing.

The Blackstone approach

Paul needed, and rightly expected, high levels of service. With over 500 staff under his management in the City office alone, he needed quick, considered, no-hassle replies to any of his queries and expected the same high levels of knowledge, service and professionalism that he demanded from his team for his own clients.
As that is one of the pillars of Blackstone’s service, it’s no surprise that we have enjoyed a fabulous professional relationship with Paul for over a decade.

The nitty-gritty

Paul was particularly taken with our bespoke financial planning software, with its detailed outputs providing multiple outcomes on how his finances could possibly be affected through all sorts of fluctuating economic scenarios.
This enables us to plan extremely accurate cash flow forecasts and investment return predictions. With Paul being able to see the model that would deliver his monthly income as well as grow his assets in line with his ambitions and appetite for risk.
Paul would often, and understandably, become concerned over short-term headline issues, which are prone to unnerve all investors.
With this in mind, we introduced in-depth and on-going quarterly reviews, including direct access to his personal fund manager.
Ensuring that he was always completely up-to-date with his investment portfolio; as well as planning and amending the strategy when new opportunities arose in a volatile marketplace.
Even in an uncertain and turbulent world, there are as many opportunities as there are potential disasters.
The trick is having expert advice to guide you, as it’s critical that you know where to look and what you are looking for.
Lastly, as Paul approaches retirement, we also pay particular attention to his positions regarding ISA’s, pension and capital gains tax allowances; and have put plans in place to totally mitigate any potential inheritance tax liabilities.

The future

As the world’s economy has changed considerably since Covid, our on-going activity has ensured that Paul’s portfolio and strategies have changed in accordance with market forces.
Which means that Paul remains firmly on track to retire at 55 years of age meeting every single one of his objectives.
We’re very pleased to say that Paul will now retire with a £12,000 per month post tax income and his net worth grown from £4 million to £5.5 Million.
The greatest compliment, and a testament to our service, is that Paul is now one of our greatest London advocates and is continually recommending us to his professional network.
He’s not far off his goal of finishing work at 55 and living in complete financial security. We’re now looking forward to his retirement party, something tells us it’s going to be one that we won’t want to miss.