Financial Advisers are not all the same, and each has a way of working that may be more or less suited to you. You may only want a single piece of advice in a specific area. Or you may want a continuing relationship, and an adviser with an overarching view of your financial situation.

Perhaps you are someone who relishes detail and getting to the bottom of the numbers. Alternatively you might prefer the big picture, leaving the detail to someone else? Neither is wrong, it’s simply the way we’re individually wired.

In our firm we like working with ‘big picture’ people who have complex needs looking for simple, realistic and considered solutions. We’re doing our job right when we take a complicated financial problem and distil it into a short ‘executive summary’ that our clients can act on.

We work hard to shield clients from complex analysis whilst leaving them fully informed and in control. It takes more time and it’s not an easy thing to do, but we believe it makes our client’s lives easier.

Achieving this is down to teamwork. We cannot avoid the complexity of financial advice, so we have people who enjoy working with numbers, and getting their teeth into pensions legislation and the like. We have others on the team who spend most of their time simplifying things and communicating them to our clients.

Our work is involved, and the standards we work to mean we are not suited to small one-off advice projects.  When we take on a new client it is with a view to forming a continuing relationship where we can add value. We occasionally undertake a one-off project, but it’s typically for something relatively complicated.

For many years we have worked on a fee basis, and embrace the idea of a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. It has taken several years to arrive at a scale of fees matching that ideal, so we are not open to negotiation. We are confident we provide value for money, so much so we offer a ‘no quibble, money back guarantee’.

The Blackstone investment philosophy is founded on several core fundamentals. Most importantly we believe that correct asset allocation holds the key to consistent, above average, risk controlled returns and that ‘time in’ the market is more important than ‘timing’ the market.

Our investment process places huge emphasis on team work, an approach which helps to maximise returns whilst controlling risk.  Our investment solutions combine the following:

  • A robust and rigorous research and ongoing review process
  • Risk rated investment strategies, including fund of funds and advisory model portfolios
  • Bespoke portfolios, tailored specifically to meet the needs of clients
  • A blend of active and passive fund management to control costs
  • A choice of capital growth, income or a combination of both
  • Reduced administration and taxation via a fund of funds approach

A key part of our advice process is the close personal relationship we develop with each of our clients. We recognise that everyone has different objectives, and that over time these objectives may change. That’s why long term relationships matter to us, ensuring we deliver tailored investment advice that consistently delivers for our clients.