The window to boost your state pension is closing!

Only 5 weeks to potentially, significantly increase your State Pension before the UK government change the rules!

National Insurance (NI) credits can be a valuable way to boost your state pension entitlement. If you have gaps in your NI record due to low earnings, unemployment or caring responsibilities, you may be able to claim NI credits to fill those gaps.

But what are they?

NI credits are effectively a substitute for National Insurance contributions that you would have paid if you were earning enough to pay National Insurance. By claiming NI credits, you can increase your entitlement to the state pension, even if you have periods of low or no earnings.

Claiming NI credits is a good investment to increase your state pension entitlement. The state pension is a valuable source of retirement income and can provide a stable foundation for your retirement planning. By claiming NI credits, you can boost your state pension entitlement without even having to buy credits.

However, the rules are soon changing!

From the 5th of April, you will only be able to cover the previous 6 years on your national insurance record. This will massively reduce the amount you’ll be able to boost your state pension.

At present you can claim free or buy NI credits back to 2006, after 05/04/2023 this is being reduced to being only able to claim or buy back for up to the last 6 years.

With only just over 5 weeks to go before this change takes place, you will need to take action soon action. 

It’s worth noting that claiming NI credits is not the only way to boost your pension savings. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider other options such as workplace pension schemes, personal pensions, or other types of investments. It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice to help you decide on the best pension investment strategy for your needs.

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