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Fiscal Drag – The silent killer of your finances!

Many people are aware of the impact that inflation can have on their finances. However, there is another phenomenon known as Fiscal Drag that can be just as damaging, if not more so. Fiscal Drag is a situation where the government fails to increase tax thresholds in line with inflation. This means that as the […]

Act NOW before Labour’s Capital Gains Tax Grab!

In recent weeks the Labour Party have confirmed ahead of their possible election victory that in the next 12 to 18 months they plan to review Capital Gains Tax Rates. They have also confirmed their intention to potentially increase Inheritance Tax liabilities for homeowners. They plan to do this by scrapping the current Residential Nil […]

What does the Silicon Valley Bank news mean for me?

First, how did the Silicon Valley Bank collapse? Given the news headlines surrounding Silicon Valley Bank, we want to provide you with a marketupdate. This should arm you with the right information and let you know our stance regardingyour financial progress. Ultimately, we’re well-positioned and don’t recommend any action. The recent news has been quitecomplex […]

Spring 2023 Budget Summary

We are pleased to attach our Spring 2023 Budget Summary which we hope is of interest to you. UK Taxpayers will now suffer the highest tax burden since World War II, which will undoubtedly apply additional strain on many households and businesses when combined with current Inflationary and Cost of Living pressures. However, the rising tax rates […]

The window to boost your state pension is closing!

Only 5 weeks to potentially, significantly increase your State Pension before the UK government change the rules! National Insurance (NI) credits can be a valuable way to boost your state pension entitlement. If you have gaps in your NI record due to low earnings, unemployment or caring responsibilities, you may be able to claim NI […]

How much money could you be losing to ‘Dog Funds’?

UK Investors hold a very high proportion of Investments in what is known as ‘Dog Funds’, but what are they? What is a ‘Dog Fund’? A dog fund is an investment fund that consistently has poor performance over the span of a 3-year period. What is the risk? Dog funds present a danger to potentially […]