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In an generation where people are living longer, and generous pension schemes have all but disappeared, investors are often seduced by the promise of easy returns. Instead of ‘spend less, save more’ attitude, people pile in at the top of each investment bubble hoping this time things will be different.

There’s no shortage of investment opportunities offering plenty of upside, and none of the downside – until you read the small print that is. Being human we’re influenced by recent experiences, so we invariably invest into markets close to the top, and then sell near the bottom. And this cycle is often repeated.

Through the financial planning we do for clients, we give them the clarity they need to decide exactly how they should invest their money. This helps to avoid the repetitive cycle of boom and bust investing.  It also gives the confidence to ride the peaks and troughs of investment markets without panicking or over reacting.

Unlike the majority of the investment world – which looks more like advertising than advice – we don’t keep promoting the latest investment fads. Instead we rely on tried and tested academic research, alongside sustainable processes (so avoiding sentiment) to develop long lasting investment strategies for our clients.

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Financial Planning sits at the heart of everything we do for our clients. It’s the map that shows them how they get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Our clients come from all walks of life, with an array of complicated financial objectives and personal circumstances. The professional service that we provide serves as a clearly structured pathway which aims to meet your financial objectives.

What we will do for you:

  • We will arrange a meeting with you so that we can learn about your current financial situation and answer any preliminary questions you might have. Working closely with your other professional advisers when required, we will assist you in defining your needs and financial goals.
  • We will create a strategic financial plan which will show you how to achieve your stated objectives, utilising the various tax allowances and incentives available to you.
  • We will regularly review and monitor the progress of your portfolio in order to ensure that our recommended solutions are still appropriate as time goes on. We do this through actively managed, risk-adjusted portfolios, taking into account your changing financial planning requirements.
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Blackstone Financial Management are completely independent and committed to ensuring that our clients maximise their retirement income, taking into account factors such as level of inflation, spouse’s pension needs and health/medical conditions.

We will clearly explain the options available at retirement. As well as providing advice on purchasing annuities, we advise on alternative options such as Unsecured Pension (previously known as Income Drawdown). Advice is individually tailored to each client’s specific needs.
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Every family hopes to pass their advantages to future generations. Not only the material and financial assets they’ve accumulated but also knowledge and experiences acquired along the way.

They want their wealth to inspire future generations to go forward into the world and achieve great things for themselves. Yet often there is a fear their wealth will lead to financial dependency and a loss of drive and initiative, often the qualities that generated the wealth in the first place.

We don’t want the beneficiaries of our wealth living unhappy and unfulfilled lives. There are too many stories in the press to know that this can be a real problem. We want to keep it in the family – but at what cost?

We work with families to help them understand their philosophy to long-term wealth preservation. We then help them develop the strategies and practices to help each generation understand their role and responsibilities with regard to family wealth.

How do we teach financial responsibility to the next generation? Who mentors whom? Which structures should be used; private family trusts, the family business? In a complicated world it helps to have an independent third party to act as a sounding board.

It’s a special role that requires knowledge and experience of psychology and coaching as well as understanding financial matters.
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