Top Tips to Stress Test your Financial Plans?

Okay, no one has a crystal ball. However, we do have the next best thing!

Every so often there are some things in financial services that we feel everyone should be taking advantage of, especially when they are proven to positively impact your finances in a way you never knew existed.

We’re all aware that Covid-19 has run like a bull through the world’s china shops for most of 2020, leaving smashed financial plans in its wake. So now, more than ever, is the right time for people to reassess their finances and bring them back in line with the new world we find ourselves living in.

Get the very best for you and your clients

Everyone agrees that taking a measured, pragmatic and professional view of your financial plans is possibly the most sensible thing you could do at this moment. But not everyone can offer the clarity, individual focus and scenario testing approach that we can.

Blackstone’s highly skilled advisers utilise ‘Voyant’. It’s a Cashflow modelling system that enables us to deliver a powerful and tailored insight into where an individual is in their short, medium and long-term financial plans. Best of all, it’s presented in a very clear, visually appealing and jargon free way.

How would you like an accurate look into your own future?

Voyant acts just like a financial time machine!

By identifying and plotting the various likely changes in your finances over your lifetime (things like a windfall, an inheritance, a change in circumstances, a new retirement age), we can show clearly how decisions taken and acted upon today can affect your financial future.

It really is an eye-opener and you’ll see why thousands of people around the UK have come to see what a huge difference this kind of real-life and bespoke planning can have on their financial decision-making.

What if you did this?.. What if you didn’t do that?

We can provide personalised plans that take into account a client’s aspirations, concerns and current circumstances, allowing them to make better-informed financial plans and decisions. We believe that adding the fluidity of the Voyant system into that mix, enables clients to more accurately plan for their future.

The system allows for real-time changes such as updated cash flow projections, a change in circumstance or purchase habits, the need for long-term medical or care expenses or if one partner predeceases another. The impact of these, or any other changes can immediately be seen and the effect on income and capital quickly shown.

Ultimately, Cashflow modelling allows clients to test all sorts of scenarios in order to make sure that their plans will provide enough income for retirement and the lifestyle that they aspire to.

Put Voyant to the test. Hundreds of our clients already have.

Feedback from our clients tells us that the most popular outcomes Cashflow planning provides are:

  • The ability to test out multiple ‘what if?’ scenarios
  • A clear understanding of how short and long-term plans can change retirement age
  • Demonstrating the full impact of gift giving and ensuring the correct route is followed
  • Showing what happens if you downsize or upsize your property at retirement, or buy a holiday home
  • The bringing together of investment and tax planning, ensuring that all aspects are structured and distributed in the most tax efficient way
  • The ability to stress test retirement income portfolios for worst-case scenarios.

See what tomorrow looks like today!

There are many obvious advantages to focusing on your finances. However, we believe that the ongoing benefits of Cashflow modelling are unsurpassed.

After an initial meeting you will be able to bring so many things into clear and individual focus:  

  • Gain a far greater clarity and understanding of your personal finances
  • Clearly identify financial goals and strategies over your lifetime
  • Get updated with easy to read visual reports of your current and predicted financial position
  • You’ll be in a far better position to make informed financial decisions
  • Voyant empowers you to take control of your financial forecasting in a way you may have never thought possible.

Please feel free to get in touch with the team at Blackstone to find out more about how we can assist you and your clients with cashflow modelling.

Please feel free to get in touch with the team at Blackstone to find out more about how we can assist you and your clients with cashflow modelling.

Claire Butterworth

Founder | Client Director

Claire joined us in January 2017 and has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, and provides office based support to our advisers.

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